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Every other season is full of color ~ except Winter.  Winter is monochromatic. Crayola might call it Winter Blah!  Everything appears to be shades of gray.  The branches on the trees, the clouds in the skies packed in tight and solid.  Daylight looks the same as dawn and dusk.

Winter seasons of life often feel the same way to me.  Everything looks the same discouraging blah color.  Pain, sleeplessness, arguments with my husband all contribute to glasses that color my view of life ~ dull, lifeless, gray, and as socked in as those clouds up above.

But I remind myself ~ winter isn’t always just gray.

I grew up in Missouri where winter was much harsher than in Colorado.  Dank weather would come and sit over our skies for weeks while we were tormented by winds that kept you inside by driving the chill factor below zero.

Then the snow would fall, blanketing everything in its crystalline beauty. Gray was transfigured before my eyes into the brilliant contrast of black and white.  I would study the canvas out my back window and marvel at the rolling contour of fresh snow on an otherwise barren landscape.

And then a flash of red would swoop into view, abruptly halting on a small branch and bounce in the wind as the cardinal settled on a branch.  A smirk formed on my face as the resounding peace of snow was punctuated by his bursting presence.

Red…crimson red on a blanket of black and white.  Winter beauty is not found in the colors that wrap around your whole world, such as spring, summer and fall provide.  Winter beauty is found in the transformation of contrast.

My emotional and physical winter can be discouraging.  But when I settle myself in to the quiet covering of the Spirit, like snow blankets the earth, God sends me a cardinal.  The reminder of his blood, and what he paid to redeem me.  I am loved, even in the grumpy-sleep-deprived days.  I am loved deeper than the pain.  I am loved even in the arguments.  There is no gray in my life that can’t be covered in grace and redeemed in the redCardinal in the Snow

Winter is beautiful!





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