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English: wild flower

Blooming! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For all you Grateful Dead fans out there – I’m not talkin’ bout you!

For all those truckers out there carrying an empty load – not talkin’ bout you either!


I’m talking to all of those gardeners.


Dead Heading is a term used to describe the care of flowering plants in your garden.  A flowering plant’s natural cycle is to produce blooms that fade into seeds.  The plant’s life cycle is to produce new life.  Dead Heading is the practice of pulling off the dead blooms, confusing the plant because seeds are not produced, therefore forcing the plant to produce more blooms in order to seed.


I love flower gardens, and even in the abundance of my perennial garden this year, I want to see even more blooms!  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful and bounce off the canvas of stalks and leaves.  So, I am dead heading my flowers to keep enjoying the beautiful part of the cycle of a flower’s life.


In all honesty, I wish my life was always in a state of vibrant blossoms.  I wish I was always full of color, promise, and hope ~ and yes, I even wish I was in a constant state of displaying God’s glory.  I wish God would “dead head” my life, forcing me into constant states of blooming.  But like Moses after his mountain top experience, God’s glory often fades, the blossom of his presence wavers and I can only talk about my experiences of God’s glory in the past.


True, I should be talking about God’s faithfulness in the past.  But maybe a better question should be; What part of “God’s glory” is trying to burst through my human shell today?


I can tell stories of past miracles, which are powerful and meaningful. Those long ago finished blooms have faded and became seeds of hope for others.


But I am longing for a fresh round of blossoms.


And so I am reminded that I must die to live.  I must die and live in the cycle of life.  The struggles, the pains, the discipline, the “blahs” are only part of the journey ~ blooming is the other part!


Lord may I die again to my selfish desires of the here and now, the instant gratification, that you may live, bloom and display your glory once again.


“And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” – 2 Corinthians 3:18 NIV