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Find your clover!

Green shirts, green eyes, green toe nails come out in all their glory today!  The green flies, the shamrocks are searched, the beer is consumed, parades are enjoyed – all in the name of St. Patrick!

Today it seems to be a celebration of the Irish rather than St. Patrick, so I was enjoying my toddler’s take-home papers from her Catholic preschool this week.  If any church celebrates their history it is the Catholics and I am grateful that they continue to bring to light the lives of those that set the supreme example of following Christ.

So this morning as I read that St. Patrick used the three-leaf clover to teach about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit it brought me joy.  And then I wondered why we are supposed to be looking for four-leaf clovers for good luck?

More powerful than his teachings is the story of his life.  St. Patrick was a victim of Human Trafficking.  Abducted as a child and enslaved in Ireland, Patrick grew up and escaped, became a priest in the church – AND RETURNED TO HIS CAPTORS – to share about the saving grace of Christ.

Human Trafficking has overwhelmed me.  The sheer numbers are paralyzing – 20 million slaves worldwide – 200,000 children in the united states taken into trafficking every year!  The epidemic produces panic and I have cried out for God to increase my faith to equal the task.  And he has begun to open my eyes to those in history that are not just victims of trafficking, not just survivors of trafficking, but those healed from trafficking and able to stand and minister in the eternal love of God!

The height, the depth, the breadth of God’s love can only be told by those ravaged so deeply and healed so completely.

So today I celebrate that St. Patrick defeated Human Trafficking in his life.  And that is how this war is won – one life at a time, – freed – healed- restored!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Celebrate the life of one freed from Human Trafficking!