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I watched the movie King Arthur this weekend.  I have always loved the lore and legend of Arthur and this movie was actually a telling of the life of the real Arthur, Artorius, upon whom the legend was based.  Yes it was a movie of selfless acts of courage and sacrifice but to be honest, most of the work of the film was on the battle scenes.  Full of action, blood and gore, the battle scenes left little to the imagination.  In the final battle scene of the movie it was Arthur, his faithful seven knights, and a few hundred native people against thousands of Saxons.

We all long for the hero to live, but in this case, there were about nine heroes you wanted to survive.  Amazingly, of the nine, only two died, although I witnessed deathly blows being delivered to them all.  Yet another marvel of Hollywood I suppose.  The wounded walked around and mourned in a very normal fashion even though an arrow had pierced a shoulder, a spear had pierced a back.  Hollywood makes it look normal.

But how many times have I walked around wounded but Hollywood-ized?  “I’m fine!”  “It’s all good.”  “Just one of those days.”

Whether it is physical exhaustion, mental fatigue, or just too many balls in the air and too many plates spinning – We need to have the courage to rest, to heal, to take ourselves out of the battle of life.

My dad coached high school basketball most of his life.  His starters, all five, would love to stay on the court the whole game, but the truth is, they can’t last the whole game and they are dependent on the coach to notice when they are winded and need to rest.  And sometimes I would watch a player signal my dad with eyes that said “Coach!  Take me out!”

So my question for you today is…  How are you?  Really?

(waiting for an answer to pop in your head….)

Now determine if you are Hollywood-izing your answer of if you need to say “Coach, take me out”

It’s OK to Rest, it’s OK to be a REAL woman, it’s OK to be a REAL Hero!