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Christmas gifts.

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Gold, Frankfurters and Brrr – that was how my 3 year old son pronounced the gifts of the Magi.  Chuckling I affirmed his knowledge and encouraged his pronunciation to progress.  Although, now that he is almost 8, I would love to have all those funny words back. 

Gold is a precious metal recognized across cultures as a beautiful and valuable metal.  In fact the Incas referred to gold as the “tears of the Sun.”  Gold was first used ornamentally because it occurs in a relatively pure form and it is very malleable and quickly became a symbol of the elite. Only the wealthy obtained it and flaunted their status through garish representations of gold.  And they lavished their gold on their gods.

However, once again you see God redeeming our carnal natures by the use of Gold in the tabernacle.  In the Old Testament when God gave orders to Moses and the Israelites to build the Tabernacle – gold was an essential ingredient…  Around one ton of gold was given by the people to construct the required elements of the Tabernacle.  ONE TON – today that would be a value of $51,200,000 ($1,600 an oz. x 32,000 oz.).

So, this gift from the Magi to Jesus seemed only appropriate both for the King he was and for his worship as the Son of God!

Frankincense was used at the Altar of incense in the Tabernacle in the Old Testament and was to be continually burned as it sat directly before the entrance to the Holy of Holies.  The incense was representative of the continual prayers that we are to offer to Jesus but it is also a symbol of Christ, ever before the throne on our behalf.  Advocating for the covering of our sins before the throne of Justice.  A constant and precious job that we are reliant on for our salvation.

Myrrh was used for burial in ancient times.  And of all the gifts that were given to Jesus, this one touches my soul.  You see this gift was given in symbol of the sacrifice that would be required of this babe they worshipped.  The atonement for our sins would be honored and sanctified by the lavish pouring out of myrrh over his body as Joseph of Arimathea lay him in the tomb.

These precious gifts from earthly Kings to the eternal King were in true worship for Who He Is – What He Does – What Will Be.

What gift are you preparing for Him this week?

May you find a new aspect of Who He Is.

May you worship him in gratefulness for What He Has Done.

And may you keep before the eyes of your heart the Hope of What Will Be.

Merry Christmas!

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