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The Honor of Kings

Our Black Friday was anything but black.  We always adorn our house with the holiday decorations and we enjoyed our all-day-long laid-back process of cleaning up, storing and unpacking!  One of my favorite pieces is my Willow Tree Nativity Set.  And as each character emerged out of the bubble-wrap and styro-foam, I enjoyed thinking what the scene of our Savior’s birth had been in reality.

This year in particular the Spirit led me to notice a nuance.  The wise men, regardless of nativity set, are always bowing.  Typically one or more is bowed low on their knees but even those standing, moving towards the baby-king, do not approach this lowly throne without their head bending, eyes lowered to the ground, in awe of The King before them.

What incredible humility, and what grace that they, regardless of circumstances surrounding this child, would recognize The King.

It was the bowing that caught me.  Regal robes dragging in the dust.  Bended knees soiling the fabric of kings.  Their noses offended by the scent of refuse.  Yet, somehow they knew who he was!  When presenting their gifts on their knees it was as though the kings were saying – even this is not enough to honor The King!  Even bowing low in the stench and dirt offering our most costly treasure is not enough of a sacrifice to honor The King of Kings!  Let our wealth and position become nothing in this dirt so that He may become everything.

Could you imagine Mary and Joseph, their breath being caught in the shock of such Honor!

And then, God whisked me away to another picture.

Another king bowed low, offering his greatest gift, an amazing treasure with limitless wealth and power.  God himself seemed to be bowing in his own throne room.  His hands reaching down, down, breaking through the clouds as he gently placed his son, a baby wrapped in rags, lovingly swaddled, in a rugged, dirty, unclean manger.  Imagine the King of Kings bowing low in his own throne room to offer a gift to… me?!?!

And I suddenly felt as though I could not bow low enough to honor the Lord more than he had honored me.  Oh the times I have felt worthless, broken, un-useable – were replaced with the image of honor – honor to one who was not made without sin, without failings, without weakness and war in my heart.  Why honor me?

He honored me because:  I am first his creation – an image in his mind of a woman born without sin (the imago dei).  And secondly, He Loves me and cannot imagine his eternity without my redeemed being, a part of his heart.

No matter how humble I feel in the presence of The King – his humility trumps mine every time.  I bow to someone worthy of my honor, my sacrifice, my allegiance.  He bows not in worship of me, but in humility, giving of himself to bring me home again.  And isn’t that the beauty?   The more I see of Him, the more I see how much I need Him.

My season of the Christ Mass has begun.  My road this year is one of humility.  Though I don’t think I can bow low enough.

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