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Aspen View

Image by outdoorPDK via Flickr

Missouri is on fire in Autumn.  I grew up restlessly waiting for the turning of the leaves.  Like hunting for treasure, I relished hikes that led from blazing red to burnished orange and brilliant yellow sprinkled across the tangled limbs.

Colorado paints a different landscape and the colors play in either punctuated tones or subtle hues.  The deep evergreen on the mountainside is peppered with colonies of aspen glittering like gold in the wind.  And in the grasslands the oil pallets of burnt umber and yellow ochre spring to life as the grasses dance.

On occasion in Colorado, a maple in its glorious, blazing red will bounce out of the traditional background of clustered gold.  And it takes my breath away.  My eyes sparkle in the majesty of that maple tree.  Strength and beauty combine and cause it, for a season, to be more than the myriad of trees that give us clean breaths of air.

God’s glory is reflected in each of our lives in such a way.  All of us trees, living, breathing life.   Just as the leaves of trees exchange the bad for good air, we exchange the corruptness of this world for righteousness.   And on occasion, someone shirks the old man – the sin within and the sin done to them – so profoundly that we can’t help but see the blazing maple on the mountainside.

The blogging world is like that, so many wonderful writers glittering like gold aspen, the trees of the field clapping their hands in praise to our King (Isaiah 55:12).  On occasion you find the blazing maple; sharing a journey of their life that is so profound that they stand out among the gold.

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