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Refrigerator Real Estate

Image by lakewentworth via Flickr

After years and years of waiting for the promised son, a story unfolds.  We open with Abraham sitting in the shade of his tent door when he sees 3 strangers approaching.  He runs out to greet them and must have recognized something unique and profound.  He bows low before them; quite an accomplishment when you are nearing 100 years of age!

Excitedly, he dotes on them: asking them to rest in the shade of the tree, calling for a servant to wash their feet, telling Sarah to quickly make 3 loaves of bread, and sent yet another servant to kill a calf that Abraham chose, and prepare it for the guests!  This passage is filled with Abraham’s sense of urgency, expectancy and attention. The very best of himself and his resources were expediently given.

As I read this account I began to giggle, can you imagine an old man getting so excited?  I mean, after 100 years what is left to see that really surprises you?

Apparently it is The Lord Himself and 2 Angels!

I paused here, and irresistible joy overtook me.  The Lord and his angels, though appearing like men, would have no need for clean feet, fresh bread, specialty meats or full stomachs.  After all, after their meeting they will simply remove themselves from this realm and return to the throne room.  Yet…they waited, they received and accepted Abraham’s best service.

Many times I have been handed clumsy and awkward pictures of crayons, construction paper and glue.  Only to be left by myself to decipher it’s meaning.  My 3 little ones have each labored to give their best to me!  The unrecognizable animals (or was that me?) on the paper did not diminish the delight of my soul.  They have each worked hard with the resources they were given and the skills they possessed to give me a gift of love and honor.

I can’t help but think that God must have felt the same way when Abraham was running around camp trying to create for the Lord his best offering of honor and love.  Abraham simply did what he knew to do.  He gave what he knew he could give.

And then, the message hit home.  No matter how clumsy my gifts may be, no matter how awkward my writing and words are: when I give my best to the Lord, it delights his soul.  I began to laugh out loud at how my offerings must look to the Lord; an awkward presentation of crayon, glue and construction paper that still looks absolutely perfect to him.  And in my childish way, dancing to my own song before the throne, I give him my best.

Now I wonder.  Will my picture make it on the refrigerator door?

©Cheryl Meakins, Meakins Speak 2011