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I woke up this morning thinking today was going to be
great!  And then I had a tiff with my
husband.  Nothing that was a big deal but
I sure let it linger.

I was driving the kids to school when the guy in front of me
decided he should stop at a corner that had no stop sign.  My eyes darted to the rear view mirror to see
if the anticipated crash was going to happen.
We all stopped in time.  The
driver in front had stopped to let someone make a left hand turn across the
lane.  I honked to let him know that he
was causing a bigger problem than he knew.


I continued through the “drop-off” line and then felt
pressured to skip the kiss good-bye from my son in order to avoid any other
irritations with drivers.


As I drove away from school, I realized that there is always
time for a kiss good-bye, and I had forced a lost opportunity!


Dismayed, I drove on, just trying to push through the
topsy-turvy morning of bad attitudes.


I pulled up to a light and who would be sitting beside me
but the man who stopped without a stop sign.
Glaring at me, he drove away and gave me…the thumbs down.


Like a bad movie rating from Siskel and Ebert, I had been
booted from his good-guy meter due to his perception of my bad behavior.


I was blown away.  He
had caused the risk of an accident yet I was the one that got the thumbs


I was past irritated and moved on to fired-up.  How dare he make me the problem!


I was so bothered by this that I began to pray and ask that
God would help me allow these irritations to be only a moment and not my whole


It’s amazing to me how one minor conflict with my husband
could set me in a tail-spin of plummeting self-worth.  It almost seemed like the enemy was having
fun coordinating events to say so.


The visual sign that I was a bad person, my thumbs-down vote,
seemed to seal the deal.


But that wasn’t the truth.


My tiff with my husband was already resolved.  The lost kiss can be mended at “pick-up”
today.  And the guy that thought I had a
bad attitude… just didn’t want to admit his responsibility in the traffic jam
and likely accident.

Now, I am not elevating Siskel and Ebert to god status but I
am grateful that when the accuser sneaks a pot-shot in through a thumbs-down, I
have my Father and his Son sitting on the throne with two thumbs-up!

©Cheryl Meakins, Meakins Speak 2011