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I am officially middle-aged.  My 40th birthday came and went with celebration and laughter.  I was blessed to be surrounded by so many friends.


I think it is safe to say that every single friend, whether present throughout the day, or present in their words on facebook, text or voicemail, have all had opportunity to see me rely on God’s grace. 


Grace is getting something you don’t deserve.  Like forgiveness from a friend, when I have wronged them, or the ability to leave behind the hurts done against me. How about extending kindness to others when rudeness is their modus operandi?  That is grace.  “But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound Romans 5:20b.


In music there is an annotation called a grace note.  When written on the staff, it is a little tiny note tied to the main note.  Artists, such as Chopin, have included them as an intentional part of the flow and story of their music.  When you hear a grace note played it is as if you get a tinge of something wrong that resolves to something so right!  It’s as if your musical posture moved from slumped over and discouraged to sitting straight and with confidence in less than a heart-beat, and it usually brings with it a feeling of lightheartedness and joy.


I took piano lessons for years as a child.  I truly did not enjoy the experience.  But my mom understood the value of reading and playing music.  So, I was obligated – no, forced to stay in piano lessons until I could play hymns! 


My disdain changed the many days of not-practicing, to a learned skill of sight-reading my lessons.  Once, my teacher told me: “You will be a master of grace notes one day.”  You see the unpracticed written music created an ability to move my fingers to play a note and before the strike was complete my mind would realize I had hit the wrong note and quickly play the correct note.  In essence it was a lot of unwritten and unplanned grace notes. 


God has an amazing ability to turn my grace notes of life into something beautiful and intentional.  I think it sounds like sight-reading, a rough and encumbered piano lesson – he makes my life sound like Chopin.  And one day, when arriving in heaven, I might just get awarded a Master’s degree in grace.  What a gift grace is!

©Cheryl Meakins, Meakins Speak 2011