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Welcome to our back patio!

We have finished our back patio!  After a two year process of demo work, clean-up, re-terracing, new sprinkler system, foundation and finish work; we are ready to sit back and enjoy our new “room.”  Saturday was the finish day and my husband surprised me by inviting some friends over to share a glass of wine in celebration.

As our friends admired the work and commented on how well-done it was, my modest husband said “Cheryl laid all the paving stones!”  I blushed, because I knew the real
story.  It was the truth that I laid all the paving stones.  That was the one piece of labor I could actually help with.

I turned to my husband with a smile, then looked at my friends and said something like this:

“Yes, I did this little piece of labor over a week – Mark did the year-and-a-half of prep work so my little work of paving stones went without a hitch.”

Isn’t that the way it goes?
It is always the prep work that really makes the end product glorious, enjoyable
and strong or so-so, disheveled and weak.

I am approaching 40 years this fall.  Yes, I could tail-spin into the proverbial “mid-life
crisis.”  But it seems that I am more earnestly leaning towards a “mid-life assessment of divine intervention.”

I love to look back and see the hand of God in any circumstance but I have never been humbled so much as when I have looked back at my 40 years.

It seems that I am finally laying my paving stones in life.  One after another they fall in place, aligning perfectly.  Symmetry and variety have married to create a consistent and reliable path.  Writing is my first love and I am finally stepping out to “do” what I have only dreamed of, while doors and friendships just keep opening to encourage my walk.

Here is what I know to be true.  The paving stones on our back patio would never have looked so beautiful if my husband had not dedicated so much effort to good work.  Although he put in the most hours and effort to complete the job, he was not alone.  He had his men’s group over to help set the header on the posts when constructing the roof, neighbors would drift in to hang out for a drink and inevitably pick up a shovel or haul some stones to the back for us, even our kids would jump in with gusto to help where they were able.  There were many hands that contributed to our patio.

So it is with my writing.  I could not have wriggled safely into my call to write and speak without all the effort and sacrifice that God put into my life through the words and work of others along the way.

The paving stones of my path into writing and speaking are being laid, succinctly and easily, and I have God and those that have labored with Him, to thank for the solid foundation on which I am building.


“I thank my God every time I remember you!”  Phillipians 1:3

© Cheryl Meakins 2011