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Well – It’s a good thing I purged my home.  Found out today that we have a collapsed pipe under our foundation.  They have to come in, cut the carpet, jack-hammer the foundation, and replace 10 ft. of pipe.  Oh the joys of home ownership!  But, I have to say that I am glad that all my junk is out of the way.  Thanks to my summer project!

Maybe this is too simple of a leap but I feel like I’m on that same journey with God. 
“Cheryl – how about we purge away all these surface issues and get down to the cracked pipe under your foundation”  Yes, I said cracked pipe – not cracked pot or crack pot – (though some of you are having a hard time resisting that one.)


All my surface issues go back to a lack of self-discipline… food, weight, working out, money, and anger.  I think I’ve covered it all.  But while waiting on God to jack hammer through my faulty foundation I’ve finally seen a little girl with a lot of fears. 

Fear to be fat and rejected, fear to be skinny and draw too much attention, fear of being too self-centered by prioritizing work outs, fear that not having this or that is deprivation, angry because the fear of being taken advantage of usurps a deep breath and kindness… Get the idea? – fear, fear, fear.

 I have lately been enthralled, clearly captivated, by the idea of Practicing the Presence of Jesus: the simple act of bringing to my conscious mind the fullness of Christ, both with me and within me.  If I truly dwell with His presence, consciously aware that He is with me, than fear has no place.  After all, perfect love casts out fear. 

In all of my driving for some deep psychology of the soul as an explanation, is the answer really as simple as being present with Christ?  Is it really bound up in learning to ‘be’ instead of ‘do’? 

Can life really be lived fully by being with Christ, in one moment after another?  I know it to be true – in my head… time to find it in my heart.

Care to join me?

©Cheryl Meakins 2011