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I love shoes, I love the colors the styles and the comfort, but at heart I’m a bare foot girl.  As soon as I walk in the door the shoes come off. 

Yes, part of the clutter of the house that drove me nuts was the shoes.  Now to clarify, the shoes by the front door did not bug me, just the ones everywhere else.  But, there is no one to blame, save me!  My shoes have always been cast aside wherever I chose, and my one open door was the proverbial barn door of permission swinging wide for my kids to follow suit.


The HTCI system encouraged me to find THE zone if kept spotless, would bring peace to my life instead of chaos.  For the FlyLady.com this zone must be the kitchen sink.  Her mantra: “Never go to bed with a dirty sink.”  HTCI believes we each have our own zone.  I quickly discovered it was my entryway.

Our entryway from the garage is also the main entryway for guests to our home.  I found that if the entryway could stay spotless, I could breathe a little easier. My entryway is the space of first impression!  So after looking objectively at my ‘problems’ I discovered a disturbing trend. 

The shoes in the entryway didn’t really disturb me, probably because I wanted leeway on my own habit. But what I noticed was that if I allowed the shoes to be dumped in the entryway, everything else followed—the back packs, jackets, papers, toys, items to return, items to take downstairs.  

It’s almost like eating Lay’s potato chips, ‘betcha can’t eat just one,’  or more personally like Diet Pepsi – I’m either banned from aspartame or I’m not… no middle ground.  So, either everything was allowed to be dumped in the entryway or nothing at all.

As I developed solutions for my entryway I considered these facts:  shoes will always be there, shoes are not evil, shoes are not wrong, taking your shoes off when you enter the house is actually a good idea.  So what do I do with the problem?  I bought a credenza with bins, to hold the shoes.  Enough bins for each person to hide their shoes and one extra for my ‘return’ to the store box.

A miracle happened.  My entryway is free of clutter – and we are a month in to the new system!!  Alleluia!

Now, it made me wonder…  In my relationship with Christ, do I dump shoes?  Are there habits in my life that in and of themselves are not a bad thing but they open the door for blatant sin? 

Yes!  I love to read.  Just before bed I read fiction so my mind will release the day’s events.  But, there is a big difference in what I read. 

I love a good cops and robbers novel: good vs. evil, good guy vs. bad guy, moral struggles, right always wins, etc.  But in secular writing there are always a few racy love scenes peppered in the story line.  Is the story line good? Yes.  Is the story line supporting moral values? Usually.  Is sex in and of itself bad? No.  But are the tidbits that are included in the story line healthy for my mind to dwell on?  NO.  They make me discontent, which leads to other character flaws. 

My mind is my entryway to my soul.  If I allow a few racy scenes (my shoes) to be dropped there than other junk ends up with it. 

Now, I don’t believe in legalism and a set of rules that everyone should follow, I’m just sharing one small area that trips me up.  Maybe for you the “shoes” of your soul are different things: dwelling on the stuff your neighbor gets, the vacation that others get to take or whatever else is popping into your head at this moment.   Maybe books that I read wouldn’t trip you up.  It’s just my struggle.

Lesson Five: Allow no clutter in my entryway – in my home or my soul!

© Cheryl Meakins 2011