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How is your visual discrimination?  What’s that? you say.

My applied Occupational Therapy degree offers this definition: Visual discrimination is the ability to look in your junk drawer and find all the rubber bands in the midst of tea lights, poster markers, used birthday candles, twist ties, glue sticks and safety pins.

As I have been purging my home I have noticed that every room has some space allocated for ‘junk.’  In the kitchen I have a drawer, in the entryway a bench, the family room a drawer in the coffee table, even my bedroom has a drawer in my night stand.  I wonder why I have a ‘junk’ drawer in every zone of my home?

‘Junk’ drawers don’t necessarily hold junk – they hold all the little things that I simply don’t take the time to put in their home.  Junk drawers hold useful and essential things that I will have need of for future problems. 

It got me thinking about those ‘zones’ in my life I was examining after my last blog post.  Do I have a spiritual ‘junk’ drawer where seemingly useless items drift until I have a problem? 

Yes, I do.  My spiritual junk drawer gets filled with two types of things:  The little offenses that, in my best churcheze, I ‘overlook’ only to drag them out again as ammo for the argument; or the lessons and scriptures I have committed to heart about who God is and how he changed my heart.  

I find that when the pressure rises I go to my ‘junk’ drawer looking for tools to ‘fix’ the problem.  This is where I get to practice my spiritual visual discrimination.  In the midst of the word spoken in a harsh tone, the toilet seat left up for the umpteenth time, the repeated corrections with my kids, the girlfriend who forgot to call me back – there remains God’s eternal faithfulness, the times that my genuine faith has been tested to prove to me that it does exist, the fact that no one and nothing can remove me from being In Christ.  So, like a good junk drawer, I have to visually sift through the choices till I find the right tool. 

The key to a useful ‘junk’ drawer is an organized one and a good ole occasional purging.  So, I am cleansing my spiritual junk drawer, truly letting go of the little things so that it is easier to find God!

Lesson Four:

Junk Drawers are good but you have to be vigilant on the content!

© Cheryl Meakins 2011