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Have you ever experienced the relational phenomenon when God uses something very physical to teach and drive home a very spiritual lesson?  I think that is the story of this journey; God using the physical space of my house to drive home something in my soul that is hidden to my eyes.  So while I share about my house, I am certain I will be learning about my soul along the way.

I started my project on reclaiming peace in my house. 

Following “The House That Cleans Itself” (THCI)-  I began the first 3 steps.

1)      Pray through my home

2)      Find a place where my quiet time can happen.

3)      And draw a floor plan of all inside and outside spaces (including cars), and section it off into zones. 


Zones were defined as spaces that get used differently.  For example; my dining room and kitchen are one big room but 3 different zones, the zone where food is prepared and cooked, the zone where dining occurs and the zone of our home office/desk. 

I thought about my life in general – when was the last time I stepped back from everything and really took a look? 

I pray often for the condition of my soul; confessions and requests (step 1.)  But I am less consistent with that essential part of ‘being’ in God’s presence – the listening part.  Anyone can ‘do’ a quiet time, a checklist of reading the word or doing a bible study and the quick ‘order my day Lord’ prayer.  But the listening part is what brings life.    

I have a place established inside and outside (step 2).  During the school year it’s a comfy chair in the family room– but during the summer I move to my back patio.  Why the change?  I have found that the early morning is the right time for me to really ‘listen.’  The house is quiet because I get up before anyone else!  But that particular time is hard to self-impose in the summer months when I want to sleep a little later and not rush into a morning routine. So, I sleep later and move my time with the Lord to a place that the kids don’t interrupt, the back patio.   

So the first two steps I do relatively well at; praying, really listening and establishing a place for the Lord to speak into my life.  But I must confess to you that I have never looked at my life in zones.  I have never examined the spiritual health of all areas of my life.  So, it’s time!

My third lesson:

It’s a healthy choice to step back and objectively look at my spiritual health. But, it takes some time.  I have to make it a priority.

 © Cheryl Meakins 2011