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As I sat in the TEDx Mile High meeting I experienced a very odd and uncharacteristic fear.  Was I being moved and inspired to become “them;” meaning those who are a part of the culture who are pursuing social justice but definitely without Christ, with disdain for the implications of His life. 

The uncomfortable phenomenon was this – If you are seeking social justice and do not have a motivation coming from compassion, mercy and justice that emanates from God’s heart through yours – then you are inevitably moving towards socialism and quite possibly one world government.  You see socialism and one world government are just another form of the Tower of Babel.  It is man trying to force attitudes of the heart that only the presence of God can cause, maintain and give purpose.    

I don’t believe that socialism works – precisely because of sin.  Humankind left to itself will not work harder, be better, or innovate more if there is no reward.  If you can get the same money for the least amount of work, we will do that instead.  Selfishness. Especially apart from Christ!

Now, there is also the camp that claims that capitalism doesn’t work – precisely because of sin. Our greed takes over and we hoard the earnings to spend on ourselves even to the extent of causing pain in someone’s life.  Selfishness

However – what is clear about the heart of God is that he believes that humankind should have a choice in our behaviors.  That is why I believe Capitalism at least has a fighting chance; because of choice.  And yes, there are those who abuse their blessing and privilege – but then we are given another choice – to forgive.  Yet another attribute only possible through God. 

So it seems the problem isn’t the system – it’s our selfish natures.  But it bothers me that people think they can solve the problem of selfishness through required generosity, sympathy and compassion (socialism). 

So the challenge remains for me.  How do I support the causes and people affected by issues of social justice because I am appointed by God, as a Christian, to engage in the plight of those that are wounded, oppressed, and victimized without becoming a part of a system that I don’t believe in morally or spiritually? 

It will require a lot of homework on my part.  I will need to discern and decide what organizations implement a product/service/gift that enables individuals to also make a choice.  And even at the TEDx meeting some of the speakers did just that. 

So, I am excited at the opportunity for innovation and profitability that gives those in horrible circumstances a way to contribute to their well-being.  But I am more excited to be able to say to them,

“I can help you with water, food, shelter, and safety but I know ONE who can heal your soul!  Let me introduce you.”

I will endeavor “… to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8 NIV

© Cheryl Meakins