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I remember praying a song to God almost a year ago: “Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours!”  It was one of those prayers that I had no idea of the complexity and depth of what I was asking.

But the words called to me. So I prayed them back to Him.

Through the Women Ministries at my church, of which I chair, we were challenged to take on a cause: Break the Chains – of Human Trafficking.  Our event was planned and on that night something profound happened – my heart broke.  I became aware of my own judgement of women in prostitution.  I was set before a mirror that reflected to me the attitudes of a heart that just couldn’t see that most women and even girls don’t choose this occupation, they are slaves.

I think I recognized that I was living a simple and safe Christian Life.  God had intersected my life with His presence and power but now I was beginning to yearn for that relationship to become a reality for others.  But just how bold was I with my faith.  Do I not intersect with women caught in slavery because I am not really quite sure that God can heal them from that abuse……hmmm.  A hard question and truthfully, I am embarrassed to say that it is true.  In my imagination I cannot comprehend the depth of abuse that men, women and children have endured at the hand of another human.  And maybe, that is why I cannot comprehend HOW God can do that work of healing. 

But I realize, I am not to figure out HOW – I am only to believe that HE IS ABLE – to do more than I can ask or think. 

So with a broken and humble heart – I have decided to engage in some way with these issues of Social Justice, not because I have any answers – but because I know WHO DOES!

That was the first of many wrestlings between my faith and culture that the TEDx Mile High experience caused me to contemplate.  Stay tuned for wave 2!

© Cheryl Meakins