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Have you heard of the TED experience?  It is an organization focused on “Inspired Citizenship.”  They have week-long TED experiences and then they have the TEDx experience.  These are one-day events focused on a specific city.

Yesterday Mark and I went to the TEDx Mile High experience.  The day was filled with speakers that allowed us to see the incredible things they have accomplished.  These were not the typical millionaire success stories.  They were the stories of those that saw a need and took one step to become involved. 

Like Paul Polak, founder of IDE, D-Rev and Windhorse international.  Before all of those things he was a farmer who went overseas to the impoverished peoples of many countries.  He watched as families struggled to keep their crops alive and provide for their families.  In response to his relationship with these people he applied his ingenuity to help them.  He developed a treadle water pump that can be sold for $25, a tiny investment from our point of view but a significant but feasible investment for families that are sustaining themselves on $2 a day.  The pump is run by human energy, much like a stair master.  It was an amazing low tech, low cost answer to abundant crops and better provision for these people.  And “these” people that are living in impoverished circumstances make up 90% of our world’s population.

The day for me was filled with many thoughts and some of them are still creating a dialogue in my mind.  I found myself not quite sure how to respond to this event.

It has caused me to really think about 3 major areas:

              1)      My faith and how it intersects with my culture

              2)      Our Parenting efforts and what character we are producing in our kids

              3)      My current commitments to career and volunteering and if they are in congruence with my personal mission/calling for my life.

These are big questions for me.  I might very well be experiencing a paradigm shift.  But before I shift I need to chew on all of these things.  

I am not going to attempt to answer all these dilemmas in one conversation with you.  So if you want to watch me wrestle, join me for a week of my internal dialogue, gone public, on my blog!

© Cheryl Meakins