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Well, I am waiting, and waiting, and waiting…..  For what you might ask?  For clear direction on where to serve, what to do, where to go.  My time as Chair for Women Ministries at my church is ending.  And along with that have come other opportunitites and ways for me to serve…. 

The problem is, I have not heard a “Yes, go for it!” from God in any ‘next’ area of my life….  You see, there are many great things for me to serve in, but the question isn’t should I serve – the question is which one, when and where.    Those specifics take time to answer, develop and happen.  And…. I am not waiting well.

I am bouncing between anxiety, worry, courage, fear and fearlessness and the bouncing is what is driving me nuts.  After all…..


I know better than to worry about direction and provision -why?  Because God has shown up in clear and miraculous ways for me before and he will do it again!  HE DOESN’T CHANGE.  My circumstances may change, my maturity may change but GOD NEVER CHANGES!

I must take every thought captive to the obedience of God’s will.  I must reign in my anticipation and just get comfortable in today.  Being present with God and being content.  He is enough for today!  After all –

He is not the one who changes!

©Cheryl Meakins