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They say that most people have trouble remembering all seven names of Snow White’s Dwarfs. 

Here I go:

Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful and……..  Grumpy!


OK, I confess, I actually had to google to get them all

But, I must say I can’t believe I had trouble remembering…. Grumpy.  I have been very grumpy this last week and a half.  I have been tolerable at best.  I understand myself when I have one day of grumpy – but when I carry it on for a week or more – I know there is an underlying problem.

Grumpy over a week’s time is just my PC way to say that I am angry.  I am currently reading Gary Chapman’s book “Anger: handling a powerful emotion in a healthy way.”  Talk about a slow read…..  It is well written – just a lot of soul work on the way through.

Anyway, Chapman talks about two types of anger: Definitive or Distorted.  Definitive is when a wrong has actually occurred.  Distorted anger is when a perceived wrong has occurred. 

Can I just say that my ‘grumpiness’ started with Definitive and quickly spread to Distorted.  And now I have wasted my time and burdened my relationships with my whining, little girl behavior (Jan Silvious’ book: “Big Girls Don’t Whine.”)

What has really happened is this: I got drained emotionally this past month.  Lots of big things happening in my life!  But the sad part is I turned to the people in my life to sustain me – Not God! 

So, today, I turn a corner.  A corner that leads straight to God’s lap, his ear, his heart and I decide to act like a big girl.  I am deciding to let God meet me where I am at; angry, tired, disappointed, confused….  Ok, I realize you are not my personal counselors!  But I do appreciate you being my confessional! 

Maybe there is something you need to take directly to God – don’t pass ‘Go’ or collect $200 – Just go straight to …. Bad analogy –  

Just Go straight to God!

© Cheryl Meakins