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Below is an article I have written for our church chronicling our adventure in fasting.  I must say, well done good and faithful servants, well done!

Fasting was a discipline that I had seldom attempted.  And it had not been broached in my life for over 20 years.  Last year God challenged me to begin fasting once a week, specifically for the ‘impossible’ circumstances in my life.  As I began this journey he brought to me books, people, scripture and stories about fasting. 

I quickly learned that fasting was not the act of rubbing the proverbial lamp of God, where he suddenly appeared and granted my three wishes.  Rather, it was the action that was loudly proclaiming to Christ and to my soul that I desired to know God and his perspective on the ‘impossible’ more than I desired food. 

And then…. God kept upping the ante.  By the fall he led me to fast from sugar substitutes for a month (yes, that meant no Diet Pepsi!) and by Christmas it seemed that he was challenging me to give to him three weeks in January through The Daniel Fast

In January a group of 10 women joined me and made a commitment to know God more.  I practiced a Daniel Fast, others sacrificed the extra half hour of sleep in the morning, and still others fasted from food one day a week or abstained from certain foods for the entire three weeks.  God led each of us to a different sacrifice but the results were the same. 

Every single one of us could tell you about knowing God more.  There was a common thread of renewed joy in our salvation, an awareness of sin, and remarkable answers to prayer.  Answered prayers varied from courage to face fears, increased self-control, guidance to an over the counter medication that gave health that no prescription medicine provided, and a daughter proclaiming her belief in God.  

In the end, all of us talk about continuing in this renewal of spiritual discipline; journaling, prayer, memorization, reading scripture to name a few, and how this experience really only left us wanting moreMore of God not food! 

© Cheryl Meakins