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Today you have finished this race!  As you push through to this evening savor every moment and reflect back on:

1)      How have you changed in 3 weeks?

2)      How has your life changed in 3 weeks?

3)      If you had to run again – would you train differently?  If so what would you change?

4)      Probably the most important question – How has your knowledge of God changed?

I hope you know that I was looking for more in my life:  to see more of God, to hear his voice more clearly, and to gain a deeper understanding of my soul.

I was listening to some CD’s during my fast on the healing of the soul.  Jean Holt shared this insight:

“Fasting is where you come to understand the nature of your dependency.”

God unearthed some darkened secrets in my soul that needed cleansing.  But he also gave to me a new understanding of how deeply and desperately I need Christ. 

I need Christ in every breath,

in every thought,

in every image of my mind.

I need Christ for direction and for my peace.

I need Christ when I rise and when I sleep.

I need him in my plans and in my inspiration.

I need him in my sorrow and times of desolation.

I need him to breathe a new song of joy.



Consider this: end today with a time of personal communion. 

Take in the bread and savor the wine.  Truly, his blood was shed and his body was broken just for you.  Just for you… may you see how great and far and wide is your need for him.  So that He may fill you with the greatness, the depth and the width of his love!

Keep running the race Women after God’s own heart, Keep running!

 © Cheryl Meakins