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A picture that joyfully replays in my mind is of Lydia around 2 years old. 

We are on a family hike and the wind kicks up.  Giggling, Lydia turns to face the wind.   With eyes closed, arms wide open, and curly hair askew and the wind on her face and through her hair.  And sometimes I wonder if she felt God’s face nuzzling hers as the wind whipped by.  She has always loved the wind.  Standing unafraid of what the wind would bring, she faced its force, trusting what may come.  Her arms spread wide and unguarded and joy coursing through her soul.

I am learning to face the winds with not just peace but joy!  I am learning to trust what the Holy Spirit brings to me,  the joy coming from faith.  I am building my life on the Rock.  So on that rock I will stand with eyes closed in faith, joy in my countenance and abandoned to the winds of the Holy Spirit and will of my Father. 

Join me!

© Cheryl Meakins