In “You Were Born For This” by Bruce Wilkinson he makes a profound statement –

“Good people, doing good works in the world is not enough to fully accomplish what God wants done.  God seeks to reveal Himself in majesty and truth in our generation – and to do so through us. That’s why a miracle just delivered and received is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to give Him the glory he deserves.”

In so many words I think what Bruce is saying is this; if you want to know that the good you are doing is the good that God predetermined for you to do…. You only have to ask one question.  Does the act of good shift the praise and glory from me, the one who delivered the good, to God, the one who DID the good?

This is a vitally important question for us as women, the volunteers of the churches, schools, and sports organizations.  We can drive ourselves into the ground ‘doing good.’  Maybe a step back to evaluate what we are so busy with can bring us freedom.  Is the good that I am doing bringing glory to me or God? 

These are tough words.  But what better time to place your busy-ness before God than in the middle of your fast.

© Cheryl Meakins