Life sure gets in the way of faith sometimes!   OK, so what I am really saying is that sometimes you just feel assaulted.  The walls of your mind cave in with worry, anxiety, or fear.  We all have times when we just can’t rein in our minds.  As the thoughts keep swirling through, cycling round and round our souls can plunge into despair.  You may even ask: “Where is the hope?” 

Your hope is in Christ and in Him crucified.  Don’t ask me how it is possible but the cross is able to bear the sins you have done, the sins you have witnessed, and the sins done to you.  Nothing else is as thorough as the Cross! 

So many times we think we can only give what is perfect, beautiful and right to our Lord.  We forget that he simply asks us for our life.

King David was a master of this art.  The entire book of Psalms are about a heart (a life) poured out to him – both the glorious and the unthinkable.  And all this put to music! 

So, in prayer today, no matter where you are with your life:

                “Let my (your) Life Song Sing to You (Him).” by Casting Crowns

© Cheryl Meakins