A song keeps ringing in my ears today.  “There can be Miracles” was produced for the Disney production of “The Prince of Egypt.” It was the story of Moses; his saving, his calling, his falling, his isolation, his anointing, and his leading.  Miracles – how do you define them?  I say that something happens that no man could accomplish nor explain. 

My daily calendar on my desk reads today:

“What kind of God do you have today? Is He the God of the impossible?” 

Yes – Today I have a God of the impossible.  I do believe in miracles!  I love miracle stories; the old ones like Moses and the Israelites or the new ones such as the story of our Spring Retreat Speaker, Ginger Millermon.  But the ones that transform me from knowing about God to knowing of God are the miracles that happen to me.  I must say that I do not generally meet my miracles with infallible, unshakable faith.  I am usually more like the father in Mark 9:24.   

“And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.”

I am so grateful that God does not limit his might to the magnitude of my faith. Rather he uses the opportunity of a mustard seed of faith to plant his oaks of righteousness.   

Today – Dare to ask for and believe in a miracle.  Somewhere you are facing something that seems insurmountable, unexplainable or even unforgiveable.  Ask for it anyway and add to the end of your prayer – “I believe Lord – Help thou mine unbelief.”

© Cheryl Meakins