Yikes – it’s been hard…..

I wish I could tell you that Satan has tempted me to turn stones into bread or to be the ruler of this world but, alas, I can only say that my biggest temptation has been a……… HOT DOG!!!!  How utterly pathetic. 

But, it is true.  I made a dish for my family that I could also eat and then Mark grilled some hot dogs for the kids.  Hebrew National hot dogs that is.  I know some of you are wretching as you read, for hot dogs are the furthest thing from temptation for you.   But, I am tempted when I am drawn away by my own lusts (James 1:14.)  Those hot dogs made my mouth water.  And when we sat down for dinner I looked at my husband and said, “You are gonna have to move those to the other end of the table.  I don’t want them within arm’s length or I will cave!” 

I suddenly wished I had that strong of a reaction to all of my temptations.  Some I still ‘flirt’ with and set myself up to fail.  So today I asked God that He would help me become more keenly aware of the temptations I should be fleeing from instead of making a false stand

Lord – impart to us your discerning Spirit that would teach us how to walk more closely to you.  May we not compare our weak points with those of other’s.  Or worse, condemn ourselves for our weakness when looking at another’s strength.  Our weakness draws us closer to you.  May we celebrate in our frailty so that we may see Your Strength!

© Cheryl Meakins