My children gave me a daily calendar for Christmas and today this is what it said:

“God is at work within us who are His children.  Our part is to cooperate with what he is doing, not to get in His way, to let Him achieve in our lives what He wants to, and not to insist on doing things our way.”

It sounds so simple and yet is so difficult.  

Did you hear that first statement?  God IS at work within us! That alone is an encouragement.  So, to those who do not ‘feel’ the Lord near you, who do not ‘sense’ His presence….   He IS in you, He IS at work in you, He IS beside you and behind you and before you.  This is not my opinion – It is God’s fact.  

If you do nothing else today; place your hand over your heart and simply look up and say – “Thank you Lord Jesus that you are with me AND within me”  and He will guide you into all truth.

© Cheryl Meakins