Congratulations!  You have made it to the half-way point.  That is, at noon we are halfway there! 

I hope that you have had rich times with God, answers to prayer, and deeper insight into yourself in relation to God.  I certainly have. 

It is a bit early for Spring but I feel as though Spring Cleaning has been going on in my soul.  God has uncovered some deep sins, deep longings, and an even deeper need for Him.  The work of keeping me before God has been hard.  You see, when God starts uncovering what I would rather have hidden it takes a great deal of self-control to stay quietly before him.  I don’t like me when I sin, the aspect of me that harbors dependence on something or someone other than Christ.  I get uncomfortable, even fidgety. 

But, here is the secret.  If I took myself out of God’s presence during times of correction than I would walk away with the sin now present in my conscious mind.  It would make it even harder to come before him the next time I dare face him.  It would bring guilt and anger with it.  God doesn’t want me to walk away in that condition. 

Instead God whispers to me; “Stay until it is finished” 

I must stay before him until I see and believe that the sin that shames me is also taken into him on the cross, that His blood covers it and removes it from my soul.  Then he gently reaches down to my bowed soul and lifts me up!  He lets me know of His eternal grace that is sufficient for all that is a part of me. 

Praise the Lord – I am His and He is mine!

Today – I lift up the women that have committed together on this journey.  Lord I praise you for their faithfulness and pray for added encouragement and blessing for those that are wrestling their way through this time.  If any have struggled and failed – may you remind them Lord that you do not intend them to stay down. May they see you with the eyes of their hearts so that you may lift them up!

© Cheryl Meakins