Idols are a foreign concept to our western world.  We do not often see actual carvings set up to be worshipped.  Yet, over and over again, in both the Old and New Testament we are called to turn from our idols to God. 

A few years back I was completely blind to an idol that I had set up in my life.  Given that I came from such a tumultuous home that had both faith and abuse intermixed I clung to my ‘in-law’ family.  I did everything in my power to be the perfect daughter/sister-in-law.  I so desperately wanted a ‘normal’ family that I would do anything to obtain it.  But that ‘anything’ came out in the appearance of manipulation and control.  This false happiness came crashing down and it took me with it.  I struggled with depression for a few years until God had me in a place to gently reveal to me the truth. 

I had set the ‘In-law’ love, admiration, and approval ahead of the desire to be loved by God. In grief and repentance I asked God to tear it down and set me right.

Now 6 years after my idol came crashing down I can say that I am not only free but whole.  God not only has given me his love but has healed my marriage along the way.  I share a trust with my husband that was not there before.

On this 21 day journey, I challenge you to ask God to reveal to you any idols that you have set up before Him.  Sit quietly before him and listen.  Then name your idol and repent and be confident in the blood of Jesus that washes and cleanses you. 

Go deeper with God!

© Cheryl Meakins