Setting Love in order.  Have you ever asked that God set Love within you and the love that comes from you, in His order?  Too many times I have found that I try to carry burdens that are not mine.  I hang on to wounds that were not done to me.  I work effusively to hear words of approval. 

That is love askew.  As Jean Holt lectured on, it is love out of need not love out of gift.  And it leaves me tired.

It is not wrong to care for others concerns.  It is not wrong to show deference to others opinions.  But when I bend myself towards another person; taking on their pain, wallowing in their misery, doing more than I am called to do in order to feel loved, then I exhaust myself by pleasing the creation instead of the Creator. 

I must first Be loved by the Creator, then I must love others as a gift.  This is setting love in order.

If you feel that some of this rings true for you I would encourage you to buy the book “Setting Love in Order” by Leanne Payne. 

“Lord I do pray that we all learn to love rightly.  That we love facing you so that we give to you and receive the power of your presence to rightly love those around us!  May your Holy Spirit be the light that reveals to each of us how our love is ordered.” 

© Cheryl Meakins