So, I have a confession.

Last night I had to take Lydia to urgent care for a possible infection.  Of course we were there longer than expected.  So when we left, needing to run through Walgreens to fill a prescription, Lydia reminded me of how hungry she was.  I took her to the McDonalds drive through.  The menu was full of my carnal desires! LOL!  But, I restrained myself.  I ordered a side salad with no cheese and a Vinegar and Oil dressing.  I got my salad and poured on the dressing.  When I took the first bite I felt terrible.  The dressing had parmesan cheese in it.  I blew my fast. 

God whispered encouragement to me as I quickly confessed:

“God, I am so sorry, I should have read the label, forgive me for blowing the fast. Help me to quickly get back on my fast and not entertain the idea of how good it tasted!”

His reply: “Ah, Cheryl, remember that I look at the heart!  Your heart had no intention to break your fast.  I forgive you and still receive your sacrifice”

Whatever the struggle may be for you; food, time, or both – you can know that God stands ready to forgive and lead you on to success!  Don’t let an ‘oops!’ become a ‘forget it!’

© Cheryl Meakins