Here comes the weekend!  Are you ready?  You know, it will be a bit tougher.  Schedules change, expectation of family changes.  Make a plan on how you will maintain your success when everyone else wants something different. 

For me, it’s the kids.  They want snacks, or maybe pop and pizza for dinner.  They want my favorite foods.  Now, do I make them suffer with me or do I suffer for them?  A Challenging statement.  Suffering with me would be to not give them pizza because I have determined I don’t have the ability to say ‘no’ to myself.  Suffering for them is to allow them to enjoy their pizza while I fix a vegetarian wrap for dinner. 

I chose to suffer for them.  In a way it brought me back to how much Jesus Christ has suffered for us.  He allowed us to stay on this earth, enjoying the pleasures (the righteously good and the sinful) so that He could come and suffer.  He suffered just coming to earth as He abstained from His own glory.  The glory he reigned with in heaven! 

Kinda puts a piece of pizza in perspective! 

Hang tough this weekend and plan for success in your commitment to God!

© Cheryl Meakins