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Well, it finally happened; jury duty.  I received my notice in the mail from the Federal Courts that I had two weeks in which to ‘do my duty’ as a juror.  The first week I called in and was not needed but the second week I was asked to report for duty at 8:00 am on a Monday. 

As I checked in at the front desk I wondered what lay ahead of me.  Will I be asked to serve on a civil or criminal case?  How long will I be here?  Will I be kept on a jury or be dismissed? 

There were two cases that were starting that day.  We went up to the first courtroom where the Judge explained what our duty entailed.  He went on to say that he was there to be a judge of the law, we – the jurors- were there to be a judge of the facts of this case.  What a heavy responsibility.  I was honored to be among those slated for jury duty and in a way hoped to be selected.  In the same breath I was nervous about being selected.  Someone’s fate would rely on my judgment.

At once I got a picture of the day I would stand before God, at the judgment seat.  I recognized then that God the Father had a job to uphold and be a judge of the law.  It is God who stands in perfect rightness and in that light can determine what is against the law.  I could see Satan, the accuser, bringing a charge against me.  A charge that could be backed by evidence and witnesses.  And then there was Jesus.  My attorney, the one whom I sat next too, relied on for mercy and belief.  I was completely dependent on him objecting to Satan’s actions and words, and presenting evidence in my favor. 

What I didn’t see in that heavenly courtroom was a jury.  Not one of us has ever been called to a heavenly jury box.  My fate would not be determined by the unanimous decision of my peers.  I was so grateful that God did not employ that method that would determine my entry to His presence.  There are many people qualified to stand and judge certain facts of my life that would condemn me but Praise God; Jesus knows how to defend me.  He will always bring forth the evidence that my crime has been paid for.  There is no double jeopardy in God’s court.  Once I have been accused and then recused.  It is done. 

I am grateful for the Law that establishes what righteousness is.  I am grateful for the Judge (God the Father) that upholds that standard.  But my indebtedness is to my Savior – My defense attorney, Jesus Christ- my righteousness.  He took my place when justice had demanded payment. 

Today, this Christmas, I remember the work God the Father began, in a stable, with a young and inexperienced mother and a baby.  This was the work of a Judge who needed to uphold the law, but planned a way to deliver Justice and Mercy, so that I could be redeemed. 

Merry Christmas!