This story is owed to you my readers! I started a journey of faith months ago that had an ending but it took me some time to write it up. Today, I let you know the ‘rest of the story’ with my cat. It is long, but persevere. The ending is great!

The Cat, The Earring and the Water Pump!

My nine year old daughter had lost an earring.  We thought it was at a friend’s house but we could never find it.  That earring didn’t seem to be that big of a deal at the time.  But God had a different plan.

My cat, Watson, came into my life before my kids did.  He was an incredible cat.  I remember playing fetch with him as a kitten.  He would run to the door when the doorbell rang, wanting to see who had arrived.  When we had a party at the house he hung around moving from the attention of one guest to another.  If any of the kids were at a sleepover at a friend’s house, he would wander the house looking for them, ending in their room meowing to see if they would answer his call.  Watson was a catdog.  Yes, I spelled that right.  He was a new definition to family pet.   Even people who hated cats loved Watson.

That is why when he got sick in August that I was devastated.  I thought he looked like he hadn’t been feeling well, but true to the nature of  a cat, he didn’t show any telltale signs of distress until he was very,  very sick.  I took Watson to the vet.  The diagnosis was kidney failure.  The tears flowed and flowed that day.  I wasn’t ready to say good-bye, and even less prepared to help my 3 children with the prospect of his death.  We decided to treat him with 3 days of fluids to see if he could regain any kidney function.  After 3 days there were only slight changes in his blood levels.  The vet sent him home with us and antibiotics and fluids for the next week.  Then another blood test would be in order to determine the health of his kidneys. 

By the third day of the hospitalization and treatment I finally had calmed down enough to be quietly praying.  “God, what do you want me to ask for?  What do I tell the kids to pray for?”  In only the way that God can whisper, he brought to my mind a silent and secret prayer I had offered to Him 7 years prior. 

I had been reading a biography on a family that ministered together.  Dad was an evangelist and 4 of their 6 kids sang and ministered in music together.  But the story they told was about their mom.  One day as the kids came home from school they were greeted by their mom.  She told them that the water pump was broken and that they would have to wait until their dad got home to fix it.  Now, these kids had witnessed God’s healing presence through prayer.  Many times people in their church would lay hands one the sick or broken hearted and God would answer with supernatural healing.  So, when their Mom told them about the broken water pump, their response to her was: “Mom, why can’t we go down to the cellar and lay hands on the water pump and ask God to heal it?”  What caught my breath was their mom’s response.  “Alright kids, you go down to the cellar and start praying and I will let you know when the water comes on.”  In that moment I cried out – “Lord, make me a mom of such faith.”

So when God recalled that prayer to me, I knew that I should lead my children in a time of healing prayer for our cat.  God, in so many words said, “Well, you asked for a water pump” (interesting to note that the kidneys are the organ that filters the fluids in the body – a water pump of sorts). 

My husband and I gathered our oldest children and Watson.  We sat on the family room floor and each prayed that God would heal our cat.  When our simple prayer of faith was finished we got up.  As I slid my foot across the floor, my toe was pricked by something sharp.  I slid my hand over the carpet and picked up the object.  To my surprise, it was Samantha’s lost earring.  I called to her: “Samantha, look what I just found!”  She exclaimed: “Mom, God wanted us to know that he heard my prayer, I believe that it is a sign from God.”  With caution, I agreed.  I didn’t want to discredit God’s work of faith in my 9 year old daughter but I didn’t want to encourage my daughter into a ‘superstitious’ view of God.  So I accepted her statement of faith and asked God to confirm that or release it so she would be clear on how and if that was God speaking to her.

Remarkably, but not surprisingly we all watched Watson come back to health.  In a week he was crawling on my lap and purring, he was back to playing around.  One morning he even arrived at the back door with a present for me.  He had caught a mouse and brought home his prize just as proud as he could be. 

The kids rejoiced at God’s mercy and answer to their prayer of faith.  I too marveled at how God truly cared about our cat. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind was the knowledge that this healing would not be for a very long time.  I realized that death must come to us all and that God’s intention was not to heal Watson forever.  After 4 weeks I noticed a decline in Watson’s health once again.  I told the children that he was getting sick and that this time would probably mean that God would take him home.

Interestingly, I had lost one of my favorite earrings.  I had looked for a week and thought I had lost it at church.    

One night I emotionally fell apart with two of my girlfriends.  I just didn’t want to deal with Watson’s death by myself (Mark and Nathaniel were gone on an overnight camping trip.)  They offered to go to my bedroom and say a prayer of good bye for Watson.  What wonderful friends; 3 grown women laying on the floor of my bedroom peeking under the bed at the sick kitty Watson who made his hide out beneath the dust ruffle. 

I said a prayer thanking God for the extra time in Watson’s life, for giving us a little more time with him here on earth and for answering our prayer for healing a month and a half ago.  But this time I felt led to let him go.  I was at peace and grateful for girlfriends to help me make this journey.  As we were getting up off the floor my friend Jill reached back down to the floor and as her hand came up she said: “Were you looking for this?”   You guessed it!  It was my lost earring.   A gasp escaped my mouth as I realized how intent God was to show himself in this journey.  In one moment my caution for my daughters ‘sign’ vanished and God gently said to me:  “Your lost earrings being found was just my way of saying; Both prayers were right and both prayers were will.  I heard you when you asked for healing.  Tonight, I heard you again and tell you too, that letting Watson go is my will for this time.”  

I am in constant awe at how intent God is at confirming his will.  Who would have thought that a Sick Cat named Watson, 2 lost earrings and the faith of healing a water pump would come together to tell such a compelling story of how great and far and wide and deep is God’s love for me, my husband and my children. 

I have long said: “God will move heaven and earth to show you his will.”  Maybe, sometimes, he even moves earrings too.

In honor of our loving Watson

October 10, 1999 – October 6, 2010