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This week I have been overwhelmed by many things. My cat is sick again and is slowly leaving this world. I have a women’s event on Sunday that is at half attendance needed to meet our contract requirement. My ‘one day a week’ job is NOT one day! 🙂 Needless to say, I have been restless and though I have been seeking God to answer, I have had so much anxiety that I could not hear. For two weeks I have been struggling with a spiritual oppression, and personal anxiety. I knew I was under attack but could not find my way out.

So, I started a practice that I learned about this summer. With every inhale I breathed a word of truth, and with every exhale the response to it. This time I felt led to breathe in: “Jesus In Me,” and my response on the exhale: “Jesus through Me.”

Just BREATHING Jesus In and professing the truth that He is also working through me, regardless of feelings or attack BROKE the oppression. It took about an hour of ‘breathing’ His truth (while I was going on about life) but finally I broke through!

Just this morning a thought hit me – “Jesus is my strong tower, but if all I do is sit down and cry expecting God to bring the tower to me, I will not find the tower. Rather, I must get up and run TO his strong tower. This past week felt more like I was trudging through mud, waist high. But when I finally decided to MOVE, to push in, I found His strong tower.