Well, it has been about a month since my last post. I have shared the story of praying for my cat with many and have realized that I left out a very important piece to my prayer of faith. When Watson, my cat, was hospitalized for 3 days, I spent that time asking God “What should I pray?, What can I ask for?” In the way that only God does, he reminded me of the story that I shared on the last post. A mom who demonstrated remarkable faith with her children and their prayer for healing the water pump. The first time I read that story I asked God to make me a mom with that kind of faith. When God brought that prayer to my mind, I knew that He was asking me to pray for healing. There is a vast difference in a “name it and claim it” philosphy of prayer and a prayer based on the leading of God. It was God’s reminder of my request that gave me the faith to ask for the Healing.

With that being said, you deserve to hear God’s answer. To recap the story, Watson was hospitalized for 3 days. I believe God led me to have our family pray for healing. I was so excited about God’s direction that I believed the blood tests done the following week (after a week of fluids and antibiotics at home) would show this remarkable and ‘unexplainable’ healing of Watson’s kidneys. To my dissapointment, the tests did not substantiate our miracle. The tests showed that there had been ABSOLUTELY NO IMPROVEMENT IN HIS KIDNEY FUNCTION! I did tell my kids that the Doctor told us that within a week, Watson would be very sick again and we would most likely have to say goodbye. Yes, I did this after we prayed for his healing.

We didn’t stop requesting his healing. Every few days or so the kids would pray again. Now the miracle is this. Watson has now been with us, eating, gaining a little weight back, chasing butterflies and even catching a mouse one morning and bringing it home! All this and he is over two weeks past his fatal diagnosis. That is our miracle. The kids and I celebrate each day as a gift of God’s miracle for us. I don’t know how long Watson will be with us as death comes to us all, but I do know that he is here today because of the faith of our family in a God who cares about our cat, our hearts, and the lesson of faith that my children will never forget!!!

The Lord our God is Jehovah-Raphah. The One Who Heals!