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Today I was lovingly challenged by a dear friend on her blog posting. Carey Scott is a Christian Speaker and writes a daily devotional blog. You can check out her post today at CareyScottTalks.wordpress.com.
Carey gave a list of 28 names of God and challenged us to pick our top 3 that we felt were pertinent to our life circumstances today. Here are my top 3: Jehovah Raphah (The Lord who Heals), Jehovah Jireh (the Lord will Provide), and the simple name of JESUS! I have a story in the present and two in the past that tell about my Lord. I decided it was worth a few postings to give them their just attention!
TODAY: Many years ago I read a story of a Mom that really knew how to demonstrate her faith to her children. Her children had witnessed other Christians laying hands on someone and pray for their healing. They also witnessed the healing.
And then one day the water pump stopped working. The mom explained to the kids that they could not get water in the house until their dad came home to fix it. That is when her children looked at her and said; “Why can’t we just lay hands on the water pump and heal it?” (This is the part that amazes me) She looked at her kids and said; “Great, you kids run down to the cellar and pray over the water pump, and I will let you know when it is working.” WOW! Oh to be a mother of that faith. I prayed then that I could demonstrate that one day. That without doubt I could return an answer of – I’ll let you know WHEN God shows up – not IF he shows up.
TODAY I get my chance. I have struggled with my faith in asking this so now I am putting it out there, not just for my kids, but for you as well.
I had suspected that my kitty was sick for a while but I had no substantial evidence until I noticed that he was losing weight. On Tuesday I took him to the vet. The blood tests were run and came back with evidence of kidney failure. The doctor couldn’t tell if the kidney failure was due to an infection and once an infection was cleared his kidney’s would function within a normal range or if it really was his kidneys. We started on this process of fluids and antibiotics for 3 days. At the end of 3 days more blood was drawn and tests were done to show how improved he was. Well, the results were not that good and my heart was breaking. I wanted to encourage my children to pray over and for Watson. But what would I lead them in praying? Do I dare ask for healing? Do I dare put the evidence of faith on the line?
So I began to pray. Lord, what is the truth you want me to pray? What do I ask for? Lord you have promised if I have faith the size of a mustard seed I could move a mountain, maybe even revitalizing kidneys. Show me Lord how to teach my children to pray, to listen, and to wait for you to show up!
Today I will lead my children in a prayer of faith. We will lay hands on our kitty and we will ask that Jehovah Raphah – our healer will come and restore the cells of Watson’s body. By faith I will say to my kids – Ask believing and agree together and God will show up!
Obviously I have no ending to this story. But I will – And I know that Jehovah Raphah – The Lord my Healer will make himself known…. My faith, our faith is on the line!

Stay tuned for an update on our kitty Watson and 2 more posts on the names of God at work in my life!