ABIDE – anyone ever practiced it? Seems like God won’t let me off this word. It has become my mantra for my life this year. John 15 goes on and on about abiding in Christ. And I have literally been driven to this passage several times.

I believe that God completely understands the seasons of our lives and while I was having our kids and raising them to some level of independence I believe that God met me in all the piece meal ways that I endeavored to encounter him. But now that my youngest is 3, and very independent in spirit and function, I feel he is calling me back to deeper and stronger discipline. Fasting has been one type of encounter that God has led me to, as I shared in an earlier post. Now it is having devoted time to stop and listen to him.

School began last Tuesday and routine began to reestablish itself in my household. I have comitted to myself and my family that I will rise at 5:30 each morning to have ‘my’ time. It has been wonderful to have an hour to myself with a hot cup of coffee in hand, my journal, my bible and blanket. While I still can, I head to my back porch and bundle up on the chaise lounge and just begin with a big sigh. A release to my morning and a ‘hello’ to God as if I were saying “I’m here, I made it up early another day, I’m ready to listen” And, God has been faithful to my sacrifice. I have been so restored to have soooo much time to really slow myself down and be present with God. And amazingly, I have had time to shower and dress, make lunches, prepare breakfast and get the kids out the door on time and without yelling!! OK, so it has only been a week. I am sure I will have a struggle some time but I will say that my ABIDING has been rewarded with such peace, patience and order that I don’t want anything but.

One thing I know is that ABIDING with God can look very different for each of us. What is the way that you ABIDE? How do you encounter God? Do you wish you could sigh and be present with God? Let me know? I would love to hear of God’s variety in our lives.