I have finally achieved a Milestone in my life. A milestone of age! I have bifocals! Yes, Yes, BIFOCALS!

Here is the deal. All my life I have had better than 20/15 vision. And now, approaching the magical transitional age of adulthood, 39, my eyes have given way to the tireless efforts of interpreting my surroundings. OK, more like I have worn them out with constant reading, studying and now writing.

I don’t know why aging is so hard to deal with. After all, I have been aging since I was born. But there is something discouraging when you finally admit that your body is in the process of degenerating instead of growing.

Conversely, I hope that it is said of me that I have grown in wisdom and knowledge. That the pains of youth and adulthood have served to temper my fight, turned me more to responding than to reacting, changed my viewpoint from survival to living, caused my faith to go from obligation of acts to the privilege of spending time with my Lord.

I hope that it can be said of me that while my physical eyes have dimmed my spiritual eyes have opened!