I always loved scavenger hunts. There are two adventures I remember most.

One year my Dad joined me and my sister at Girl Scout Camp. On our scavenger hunt we had to walk off our ‘paces’ using a compass for proper direction. There were several legs of the hunt that were ‘do-overs’ because we could not find the next clue. And always, we went back to the last position that we found a clue, checked our headings with the compass and then re-worked our directions. We eventually finished, not in first place, but we FINISHED! Funny thing, I can’t tell you what the end prize was but I can say that I enjoyed the journey and work with my Dad and sister.

In college I headed off on another adventure. This scavenger hunt was a mission of gathering evidence of our expeditions. And, as was true of most of my friends at a Baptist college where no ‘Drinking or Dancing’ was allowed, the creativity came out in the most bazaare ways! We had to bring back an object that was BIG and BLUE. My creativity deadened at the blue anvil in my Dad’s garage but another group hauled a mattress on top of their tiny car. They won, of course, what could be BIGGER and BLUER on a college campus than that! There is great joy in the competition for craziness!

I was thinking today about my journey of faith. Where I started from, how far I have come, and most likely, how far I have to go! But what I realized is that, with all the ups and downs of life, that God seems to take great joy at letting me ‘discover’ Him at every turn. Almost like I am on a Divine Scavenger Hunt. At each station where a portion of my journey ends, I discover something new or deeper about my Lord. Every once in a while I end up on a leg where I can’t seem to find God and it is then that I go back to the last place I met Him, listen again and affirm my faith, and try the leg once more. Maybe the craziness is that I am only given the next step, never the whole picture. But as I keep searching I get a better and better picture of WHO He is. I don’t know when the journey will end or what will transpire between now and then but I do know that there is great joy in the craziness of pursuing HIM!

Been on any crazy scavenger hunts lately?